Django to Heroku
  1. Remember to read official documents first.

2. When deploying a django project to heroku; requirements.txt and .gitignore files should be inside src folder. .env should also be there, but since we can manually add SECRET_KEY to heroku there is no no need to move the file into src. Also a good practice to duplicate .gitignore file into src folder if you have already initialised your project to GitHub.

3. Install the following packages in your command line

For Mac

$ python3 -m pip install django-heroku

For Windows


Icons tell more than plenty of words do. That’s why they are widely used in mobile applications where design really matters. React Native Vector Icons is a great package offering a large variety of handy icons for mobile apps. This article will explain how we set up and use vector icons in React Native apps.

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First of all always remember to see the official document for React Native Icons. This article will guide you specifically for IOS, and in an simple way that everybody can follow easily.

Step-1: Installing the package

Add a new terminal in VS Code and type…

I would like to dedicate this story to our honourable instructor Ezran Bayantemur

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One of the popular projects in terms of understanding the object & class structure in Javascript is ToDo List. It is not hard to make up this project, yet it requires attention in certain points.

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